From our website you will find a form suitable for you needs

SAAI ARGENTINA takes care of everything you need, packaging, pick up and
delivery, placement, design and arrangement of the furniture, electrical appliances
installation. We collect, package and transport the furniture and appliances when
contract finishes.

Short term rental – 15 days up to three months: Do not live in a hotel
waiting for your house furniture!

  • Rent just the period of time till your furniture arrives.
  • Rent what you need, furniture and kitchenware, bed and bathroom linen and electrical appliances.
  • Previous notice (48 hours) SAAI will leave your chosen house or apartment ready to live in only two hours.

Furniture rental for events.

Medium term rental – 6 months up to 12 months

These rental periods are ideal for those people staying locally for some time and
we provide assessment finding home and including the furniture.

The quickest way to find home is through SAAI ARGENTINA, a simple contract,
new or well conditioned furniture upon availability.
White linen, hotel quality.

We deliver and place furniture before your arrival.
Long term rental – from one year up to three years with renewal options
(extension of the contract and/or furniture renewal)

As soon as the client contacts us, we arrange a visit to the new house, make a
budget, choose quality furniture in very good condition that meets client taste
and budget. Also, SAAI can design and fabricate the furniture that meets your
preferences and style.
Make it simple, fast and easy. We will assist you in finding a variety of housing
solutions to meet your needs and furnish your home on line. We can make you feel
at home the day you move in.
All can be handled previous to your arrival through our website there you will
find a form according to your needs, arranging the furnishing of your home with
enough time.
Everything is ready to be enjoyed when you arrive.

All products shown in the photo gallery are subject to availability.


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Images are illustrative and real. Merchandise will be suggested by the user and subject to availability.
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