Once the requested quote is approved we furnish your home in 2 hours.
Quality and creative design for your home with low costs not only locally but
internationally as well.

Minimum invest, tailored budget.

SAAI ARGENTINA guarantees maintenance of all rented items.
You can buy your rented furniture when you want to within the rental period of
time or when it finishes.
If you move to a new house we move the chosen furniture or we restyle them
accordingly to the new place (longer than a year rental)

Benefits for companies,

Special assistance to the relocation of the corporate assignee and his family
Minimal capital outlay.
Qualified staff assist quickly and efficiently.
Full maintenance, SAAI takes over the maintenance costs, servicing and
replacements of furniture and electrical appliances
Once the assignment is over, the company may choose to rent the same furniture
(reconditioned) for a new assignee, or to move it to a new place at a lower cost.

SAAI has large experience in executive, administrative and legal aspects of the
commercial relations with major overseas companies.


To make a budget according to your need, we invite you to complete the application form below.
Images are illustrative and real. Merchandise will be suggested by the user and subject to availability.
Thank you very much.


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